Meet the Team

The Unstoppable Family

Your Founders of the Freedom-Preneur Movement and your friends in creating your freedom-preneur life.

Brian AKA “Swano” will guide you through the process of creating your perfect day, and making the most out of Business in A Box.

Rhonda AKA “Unstoppable Momma” will be your branding strategist and product development guide at the Freedom-Preneur Box level. Access Rhonda’s Book

Hanalei AKA “Unstoppable Kid” designs all our Freedom-Preneur shirts.

Victoria Murphy

The Traveling Altruist

AKA “Boss Lady” is the foundation of the team she keeps the wheels on the bus moving and organizes our events with love and kindness. She will be your first point of contact when entering into the business in a box program and your go to for booking appointments with Rhonda or Brian.

Kim Barrett

Facebook Mogul

CEO of Your Social Voice Facebook Marketing Agency. Kim and his team runs all the marketing campaigns for the Unstoppable Family & Freedom-Preneur marketing co-op’s. YSV runs all our Freedom-Preneur Members product launches and campaigns. Don’t let his sweet demeanor fool you, he is a marketing beast!

Regan Frugtniet

Graphic Design

Regan will be your graphic designer for branding logo’s, ebook covers and fame banners once you submit details. She is also the designer for those of you working with Rhonda inside the “Sexy Brand Building” Program.

Chris Benetti

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker

Chris works on funnels for those inside Rhonda’s “Sexy Brand Building Formula” Program and for custom funnels.

He can be hired for $100 per hour for assistance with funnels and set ups.

Todd Swan

Project Coordinator & Administrative Technician

All billing or payment questions should be directed his way via email. Todd makes things happen in the back end run smooth as chocolate mousse.

Two thumbs up…from Todzy is cooler than Fonzy…EEEHHHH

Larcie Tulao

Project Manager & Support Administrator

Larcie is well versed in most CRM, Infusion Soft, Click Funnels and anything relating to your membership. She will be inside the groups during office hours answering questions you may have or issues you get stuck on Larcie is your gal. If she doesn’t know the answer she will find it.

Jez Orbe

Internal Graphic Designer

Our internal graphic designer for blogs, e-books and custom needs for our Freedom-Preneur Box Members. He works with our web developer to be sure your blog designs are superior!

Keelie Reason

Rhonda’s personal assistant

Handles scheduling with private branding clients. She writes articles for the Unstoppable Family and can be hired to write articles for your blogs. She is amazing at bringing your voice into the articles she writes for you. Rhonda Found Keelie 4 years ago on Fivver and is happy to still have her goodness around.


Sexy Brand Building Head Coach

Freedom-Preneur Movement’s customer / technical support person. If you have any issues inside the Academy or have any question about our program and the applications we use, she’s the one to reach out to.

Pia Madrigal Flora

Researcher & Support

A food tech by profession and a mother of two beautiful boys.