Speak in Dubai- Hear a Panel of Expert Speakers

//Speak in Dubai- Hear a Panel of Expert Speakers

Rhonda Swan, the Unstoppable Momma, is set to take the stage with expert speakers at Speak in Dubai. May 15-21, a panel of experts will host a valuable experience that features branding activities that are designed to help participants land speaking gigs as quickly as possible. The sessions will take place at The Dubai Internet City and the Applied Science University Bahrain.

“Dubai is the largest consumer of social media in the world, so I’m excited to speak with this audience about branding and getting in front of the right people using social media”- Rhonda shares in anticipation.

Past speaker Daven Michaels, founder of 123 Employee, says “Dubai is one of my favorite places in the world to speak”.

After the branding and training sessions, attendees will walk away with a professional DEMO talk, which is similar to that of a TED talk.

Speak in Dubai Panel of Expert Speakers

Speak in Dubai expert speakers


The expert speakers at the conference is an expert in their internet marketing field. It is a true honor to be asked to the stage of Speak in Dubai. Rhonda will be joining several other expert speakers to share with the attendees the information they need to fast track their careers in public speaking.

Ali A. Sabkar

Ali Sabkar

Ali is the founder and president of the Social Media Club Bahrain. This community has over 4,000 members and is the largest virtual marketing network for individuals and organizations. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry of PR, branding, marketing and media.

He will be joining the Expert Panel Summit when they arrive in Bahrain. His great influence in the community is what has allowed this event to be sold out.

Ali and his colleagues will be in attendance of the conference and eager to learn from the speakers. They are excited to expand their connections with other influences.

Rhonda is excited to meet Ali, because he will host the Freedom-Preneur Mastermind event that she is putting together in November. It is her hope that he and members of the social media club will join the event.

Ernesto Verdugo

Ernesto Verdugo


Ernesto is an international public speaker and the go to guy for internet marketing related projects. He is an e-commerce and internet marketing expert that has a passion to dispel the myths of working online.

He is a highly sought after expert by those looking to harness the unlimited power of the internet. His book, Amazingly Useful Websites, was downloaded 10,000 times in its first year.

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

Perry is known for his 80/20 Sales & Marketing Strategies. Also, he is the co-author of the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. He is a man that is passionate about adding value to the reader in all of his interactions.

Mitch Carson

Mitch Carson

Mitch is the author of The Silent Salesman and is a highly experienced speaker. He has spoken on many platforms across the globe such as in the U.S. New Zealand, and Canada to name a few. He has hosted radio shows, written for high profile newsletters, and been featured many times in newspapers world wide.

Joel Bauer

Joel Bauer

Joel is the mastermind behind the conference Passion 2 Profit, where he teaches attendees how to turn their passions into a money making source. He hosts a ProfitPoint seminar also as well. He is a man that knows how to help individuals earn more as a speaker.

Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs

Mike is a speaker, Bestselling Author, and Interactive online personality. He has written many courses and books designed to teach someone how to become a Bestselling Author.

Rhonda Swan


Rhonda Swan, known as the Unstoppable Momma, is a personal branding and online strategist. She works with online marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs to develop a powerful personal brand message that is consistent across the social media platforms as well as through other online means.

Dave Crane

Dave Crane

Dave is the owner of The Life Designers. He is a highly sought after trainer and motivational speaker. He has spoken all across the globe in places like France, Greece, Australia, and South Africa to name a few. He is a certified NFNLP Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner and life coach.

Bonnie Bruderer

Bonnie Bruderer

Bonnie is a personal development coach that is trained in Holistic Health, NLP, Hpnotherapy, and Results Coaching. She is known as the “girl who traveled with the gurus”. She has created a trans-media platform to help others spread their message throughout the world.

James Reynolds

James Reynolds

James is the founder of SEOSherpa, Clickjam, and Veravo. He is highly skilled in the area of SEO and helps businesses and individuals develop a online strategy that will increase their influence and profits.

Training Topics at The Event

Rhonda will speak about the importance of personal branding and how the attendee can leverage their story to build a reputable name for themselves.

Other topics at the event will include:

  • Marketing designed for speakers
  • How to create a professional media kit
  • Dealing with event promoters
  • Developing the skills of speaking in media sound bites
  • How to turn a $5,000 speaking engagement into a $25,000 speaking engagement
  • So much more!

It is important to the expert speakers and leaders of this experience that all participants have their questions answered. If a topic isn’t covered, those in attendance will have a chance to get the information that they desperately need.

Cultural and Fun Activities Turn the Event Into a Submersive Experience

Dubai Cultural Activities

As an attendee of Speak in Dubai, the group will visit several different locations for the sake of gaining a new perspective of the culture as well as enjoy their time as a Freedom-preneur. While in Dubai, the group will:

  • Visit the Dubai Museum
  • Go to The Sheikh Mohamed Center of Cultural Understanding
  • Ride in an Arabic Dhow down the Dubai Creek
  • Take part in a Desert Luxury Experience

In addition to the cultural activities, they will go to the Burj Khalifa, which is the Talles Building in the World. Also, they will visit the Burj Al Arab, which is the only hotel in the world with 7 stars.

Unstoppable Tribe Attends The Event

One of the things that Rhonda is very excited about is that she has several of her Unstoppable Tribe members at the event with her. They are taking the stage for the first time and getting prepared for their speaking careers. Nicky Jones, Di Downy, Inge Hart, Tom Moester, Elizabeth Oliuiga, and Prince KB are all there getting the necessary training.

Upcoming Event in Dubai Hosted By Rhonda Swan and Expert Speakers

Ever since Rhonda left the corporate world to pursue a true life of freedom as an entrepreneur, she has built the Unstoppable brand as one of integrity, value, and positive messaging. Over the last few years, Rhonda has worked tirelessly to attract a tribe that are interested in her core values and invest in them deeply.

As part of equipping others, she is hosting her own Private Freedom-Preneur Mastermind event, Live a Life of Passion & Profit, in Dubai in November of 2016. Once Rhonda returns from Speak in Dubai, she will release the names of the panel of experts that are going to joining her at the event.

Would you like to win a free spot to this Mastermind Event in Dubai? Be sure to signup on our Freedom-Preneur website or click the picture below.

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