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“Do It Yourself”

Digital Program


Inside The “Do It Yourself” Digital Program You’ll Discover How To:

Find Your “Runway To The Money Strategy – What is the best way for you to promote, launch & sell your program. TM

A Complete Guide To Create Your Signature Program – 8 Step By Step Intense Do It Now Modules To Get You In Action For Our Live Strategy Calls.

Build The Plane & Fly It – A Compete Guide With Timelines and Get It Done Steps

Instructions For Creating A 7 Figure Sales Funnels – I give You my best Webinar,, Book Funnels & the Membership Site To Edit Yourself Inside Click Funnels.

2 LIVE Group Sessions W/Rhonda – 8 Live Group Coaching Sessions With Our Head Coach

Private Lable Rights To Our Highest Converting Product

Rhonda Has Been Featured In:

…. 4 more “Sexy” mind blowing modules

But we do want to warn you. This Course is not for someone who is wanting a quick fix. This is for women who are totally UNSTOPPABLE and want to create a Sexy Program & have all the technical stuff done for them.

Sexy Members Only Site

8 Week “Do It Yourself” Program Includes:

8 Complete video modules and instruction will be available in your members only site where I talk you through each Sexy Brand Building Module. Loaded with accompanying material, downloads and cheat sheets to get you organized and in action.

You’ll get in each module:

4 Quadrants of Creating A Sexy Brand and a Branded System That Works For You 24/7

No B.S. Accountability Timeline To Follow & Stay Focused

Complete Private Label Rights (PLR) You Choose From 3 Of My TOP Performing Products To Make Your Own Keep 100% of the Profit

Defining Your Runway To The Money Strategy TM Using Webinars and Workshops

7 Figure Webinar Template: Exact Steps Of How To Create Slides For A Webinar That Sells

Sexy Offer Formula: How To Create Your Sexy Offer Using Webinars

I Share With You My Sales Funnels and Membership Site Templates. Deposited Directly Into Your Click Funnels Account

Private Group To Ask Questions When You’re Stuck

1 Live Q & A Session Per Week For 8 Weeks w/ Head Coach

Our Done w/ You

Mentor-ship Program

1 On 1 Guidance Is Invaluable

We Stay In 5 Star Accommodations

A Complete “Done With You” (DWY)
Mentor-ship Program

6 Month Mentorship Program – We meet LIVE for 24 weeks to complete each step of your program all the way to our LIVE event for launch.

Create Your Personal Brand & Logo Design. We work 1 on 1 to develop your perfect logo design and brand imaging.

7 Figure Sales Funnels – We create a Custom Branded Sales Funnel To Sell Your Program On Automation.

Custom Membership Site – Once Your Develop Your Program Content We Put It All Inside A Membership Site So You Can Leverage Your Time.

5 Star All Inclusive LIVE Event – 6 Days, 5 Nights in our 5 Star Accomodation. Lights, Camera & Action. We have a complete high profile Photo Shoots & Branding Video’s

Professional Branding Film – Our Film Team Is The Best In The Industry, During Out LIVE Event We Film Your Branding Film & Story For You To Use In YOur Marketing.

Profefssional Photo Shoot – Nothing Says Authority Like Professional Images.


Our Graduates ARE SAYING:

Roos Melchers

Your Home-Made Home Companion

Tara Nicole

Fierce Fitness
Women Who Roar

Inge Hart

The Balanced Foodologist


You Got Em!

Registering for the “DIY” & “DWY” Course Includes:

1. “DIY” Gets Three of My Highest Converting Funnels! ($2,500 Value)

2. “DWY” Custom Branded Sales Funnel Created For You ($5,000 Value)

I give you my Membership site, Sales page, webinar, ebook, and book funnel I have used to generate 7 figures using webinars, & live events. Includes 1 time upsell and live broadcast page, all you do is get Click Funnels & add your content

2. I Give You My 7 Figure Webinar System
& Slide Cheat Sheet($1997 Value)

Most people freak out when you say webinar because they
have no idea where to start. Don’t worry, I give you my slide deck and tell you what do add in each slide so you can sell with ease

3. Social Media Marketing Course

You will have access to my full academy 86+ hours of step by step training
Instagram, You Tube, Facebook and have access to our private group where you can
ask questions and get answers!


You Back?


The Unstoppable Family

Rhonda R. Swan

I couldn’t stomach putting my daughter in daycare so I had no option but to make it happen and figure out how I could work from home and still raise my daughter.

Brian was an engineer and thought I was insane (well, I kind of was) but I had no PLAN B. I quit my corporate job and dug in I started to learn everything I could about the internet.

Then I realized..

There is never a good time to start a business…

But we find the time when we must change NOW!

In the first 3 months I failed miserably. Called 3 thousand leads and not one sale, the problem was I was going at it all blind and I was drowning.

So I started buying courses and attending events to learn from the “guru’s”. I would apply something and see a small win, then again, and again…until I hit $37k in my 3rd month of business.

For the first 10 years working online I sold and marketed other people’s programs and products until it dawned on me that I still had no control over the message and if the company changed its path there went my reputation and the brand I was building.

So I decided to take my best work, and teach you exactly what I have done to create the life we live.
It’s Time…Are you ready to BE UNSTOPPABLE?

My Why:


It’s time to do Unstoppable things!

If you’re ready to create your signature program and release it to the world using our

new secret weapon – Sexy Brand Building Formula then sign up now to get started!

Heart Felt Message From Rhonda:

Look, I know where are right now. I have been there.
Trying to figure everything out on your own by piecing everyone else’s material together to create the puzzle. But it never works. I’ve shared my secrets for building a 7 figure business online to thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs at live events and private workshops over the last 13 years.

But I realized one thing…

Not everyone has the time, or money to learn and build the way I did. So I’ve decided to put all my secrets in one place, and walk someone through the exact steps I’ve taken to build 3 different 7 figure businesses from the ground up with no experience and no list when I started.

Starting with mindset & personal-branding all the way through social-media marketing, sales funnels, scaling your business and leveraging automation to build a legacy business you can be proud of and love.

I’ve held nothing back, I give you everything, and allow you to “ethically steal” my best work from over the last 13 years.

I’m here to serve you and assist you in building a life and a business you love.

Whether you join our “Do It Yourself Program” or “Done For You Business In A Box” Program you will be treated like family.

Together we can change the world. By teaching people how to leverage the digital economy and become a Freedom-Preneur, but you have to take the first step.

Let’s do this!

Rhonda Swan

Please NOTE:

This is a PAID pplication, but don’t worry, I am a master at finding hidden profit
pockets that you are overlooking, the session with me comes with a 100% Gaurantee and also includes my
Intro to Sexy Brand Building Course.

If The “Intro To Sexy Brand Building” Course & Strategy Session doesn’t show me the exact blueprint of how to create a SEXY brand, define my niche, and find my runway to the money strategy… then I understand I will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

it’s time to do Unstoppable things!

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