How to Create a Valuable Blog For Your Business

//How to Create a Valuable Blog For Your Business

You have likely heard that starting a valuable blog is a must if you are going to be successful in business. Everything that you have heard is absolutely true. Utilizing your blog properly will help you to reach your target market more effectively.

Many business owners shy away from starting a blog, because they are not sure where to start. Brian and I have realized that this is a huge problem for new marketers. That is why we put together a marketplace full of people that offer services you need to get your website with a valuable blog up and running. These are people that we trust.

Why You Need a Valuable Blog For Your Business

We are in a time where people utilize the internet to learn the information they need. Providing valuable content on your blog is a great way to serve your potential customer. It is very important that you write high quality, consistent posts that add value to your reader’s life.

Another reason you should utilize this outlet is that it allows you to build relationships with your audience.


Valuable Blog Posts Are Highly Shareable

Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons that people follow brand on social media. When you are writing information that is of high value, people will share it with others. This widens your influence and allows you to reach even more of your target market.

Become a Proficient Writer

In the business world, it is important that you are able to communicate yourself well with your potential clients. By blogging on a regular basis, you are honing in on your communication skills. When you have committed to reaching your audience through this platform, your overall writing abilities will soar.

How to Write a Killer Blog Post

write a killer blog post

I think a lot of people shy away from writing a blog, because they aren’t sure what to write about. When you know your brand and have a core message, it can make writing blog content a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when writing a blog post:

Focus on Adding Value to Your Reader

There are a lot of people that think the market is saturated with content. Here’s the thing- it’s saturated with words, but much of what you read isn’t actually valuable. You need to focu on writing information that your target audience is in desperate need of.

Think about your ideal customer. What is their pain points? Pain points are problems, whether real or perceived. Figure out what your ideal customer has the biggest need of, and speak directly to that.

Not sure what your audience needs? Then consider creating a survey. This is a perfect way to figure out what their problems are and how you can speak directly to it.

Figure Out Your Writing Voice

It’s super important that you write in such a way that you make a personal connection with people. No one is going to follow cold hard facts. Instead, they will follow someone that has captured their attention- and that is done through your writing voice.

Check out these 3 voice archetypes:

  1. Sage- This is a person that has a lot of experience and can speak with authority on their subject.
  2. Sherpa- This is someone who is a few steps ahead of the reader and can offer insight into things to come.
  3. Struggler- This is the individual that is in the process and willing to share their struggle and recount their current experiences.

No matter where you are in your business, you can offer value to your reader. Don’t think you have to be an expert. Pick the voice archetype the best fits you and stick with it until it changes. There will come a day when you go from Struggler to Sherpa to Sage.

Create a Good Headline

Crafting the right headline is essential. You need something that will grab the reader’s attention so that they will click on your valuable content.

The other thing to keep in mind when writing a headline, is that it needs to have the keywords you are trying to target. You need to get creative with what you say, but not to the point that the reader isn’t sure what they are about to read.

Consider writing a headline with one of these models-

  • Number sequence- this gives the reader the number of points they are going to read.
  • Provocative question- ask a question that they just have to know the answer to. Write it in such a way that it peaks their curiosity.
  • How to- people will often type in “how to” do a specific task into a search engine. When you write this type of article, you are going to capture their attention.

Photos Are Important

Pictures are important

Photos are going to capture a reader’s attention much faster than the text you in your headline or content on your page. Make sure that when you select pictures, that you are choosing ones that will resonate with your target audience. It also needs to stay in line with your brand messaging.

For example, as the Unstoppable Momma, I spend a lot of time working from my pool and non-offices. It wouldn’t make much sense for me to have pictures of offices in my posts. Rather, it makes more sense to have pictures that display me in my natural environment.

When in doubt, use your personal photographs so that the reader has an accurate picture of who you are and what you are about.

Lead With a Story

There is a whole section in the Freedom-Preneur Academy where I help you work through developing your story. It is so important that you connect with your reader using a story. It’s important to remember that the story needs to make a point and add value to the reader.

Printable Blogging Templates

Here are 5 blogging templates that will help you set up your web page for optimal information. When you present the information in the best way, it will be more effective. Be sure to download these free printable blogging templates.

The Content Aggregator

Content Aggregator

The Embed Reactor

Embed Reactor

The Interview Post

Interview Post

The Quote Post

Quote Post

Stat Roundup

Stat Roundup

If you are looking for more valuable information on building your blog, be sure to check out the Freedom-Preneur Academy.

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