11 Years Ago I Had a Vision to Work From Home

//11 Years Ago I Had a Vision to Work From Home

Today is my birthday. Another year of my life has passed and it causes me to take a look back at how far I’ve come.

I’ve been thinking over the last 11 years. I had a vision…a vision to work from home and raise a family. I didn’t want to put my child in daycare, so I walked away from the corporate life. I had no idea how it would happen, I just knew it was possible.

I Keep Moving Forward in My Business

Each and every day, since then, I have had to put one foot forward and stayed focused on my vision. I’ve taken daily actions to become a better person and business owner.

When I started my first business, I called over 3,000 leads and didn’t make a sale…not even a penny.

I invest in myself, my education and listened to those around me that were having success and living the life I wanted.

Three months after starting my first online business, I walked into my boss’ office and said I needed to leave. I told her that I had found a business I could work from home and earn the same amount of money- if not more.

She laughed at me, and told me I would be back. Boy was she wrong.

I focused and built my business for another 3 months, taking daily actions and steps to learn the next move. I had small successes, and used those successes as a stepping stone in my growth.

I Made My Dream of Being a Work From Home Mom Come True

During those 90 days, my life turned around and so did my business. I never went back to the daily grind ever again.

It’s been 11 years since I said “YES!” to my new life, and said “YES!” to helping others achieve their dreams.

Has it been all sunshine and roses? Hardly, but it’s been the most rewarding adventure I’ve ever experienced and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I Share With Others How to Be Successful Business Owners

Rhonda Speaking to Audiences

I’ve just arrived back in Bali after spending 2 weeks in Dubai and the Kingdom of Bahrain. I was able to share my journey with other Freedom-preneurs and had the chance to teach on the 8 Pillars to Online Success.

When we were in Dubai, all of the attendees were there to speak and give their Ted like talks. It was scary for them, because they had to speak in front of their peers and large crowds.

We went to a restaurant so that they could practice their speeches in front of the people that were there. Even though I’ve spent a lot of time on stages, I’ll be honest, it was kind of hard for me.

The goal was to desensitize themselves from caring what other people think. The biggest thing that stops people in their tracks is what people think about them. When others say things to you that affect you negatively, you end up changing the way you live your life.

I’m so thankful that I have worked to overcome what others think of me. The day I told my boss I was leaving and never coming back, she thought I was absolutely crazy. What if I had allowed what she thought of me to dictate my next steps? I wouldn’t be here today, that is for sure.

If someone had told me 11 years ago that I would be on stage speaking life into a crowd of entrepreneurs that have a DREAM to be FREE, and to live as a Freedom-Preneur, I would tell them they are crazy.

This is what having a vision can do for your life and for the life of others.

Don’t be afraid to fail or fall. Get back up and keep moving. Your life awaits you!

Some people watch on the sidelines- others play the game. Are you ready to stop caring what others think about you and boxing yourself into what this world says you have to be? If so, I invite you to check out the Freedom-preneur Academy. I hold nothing back in this training program, so that you are able to make the changes you want to make in your life.

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